Nullame is a time that does not wish to be counted but contemplated and experienced.
Nullame sheds itself of seconds and minutes, of hours and hands.
Nullame is the time to be.
Choose your time.

Time changes things. But what about the changing of time itself?

Time was once measured by nature. It's flow became mechanic, then digital. Time became integrated to objects in daily life, and the wristwatch is no longer indispensable. What remains is the form, through which Nullame brings time back to its essence: a time that is natural and generates reflection.

Are we thus able to create a new esthetic...

...devoid of mechanisms? Nullame defunctionalizes time by eliminating chronological measurement in order to live a life made of moments. And to choose a time that represents us.

NULLAME is made with salvaged materials carefully selected

from high quality woods such Indian rosewood, olive, and walnut. The irregularities of the wood create unrepeatable grain and color, highlighting the unique qualities of this natural element.

Why shouldn't a watch not have watch hands?

Some ideas don't come by chance. The Nullame concept bloomed on a summer evening, at a restaurant. There was a long wait, which seemed to dilate interminably. A heavy and insistent question persisted in the air: If a watch were to stop counting minutes and seconds? If we didn't have to count time would the perception of the wait diminish? This very wait generated a curiosity towards the nature of time in the future creators of Nullame. During what seemed like an infinite time lapse, they gave up, and stopped watching the clock. And they experimented with another kind of time, a time lived and palpable instead of a time counted. A time made of words, exchanges, understanding, thoughts.

This project has developed the reflection born out of that summer evening. It seeks to consciously transform the negligence of time in order to reveal, thanks to a design product, how we can live the time to be.