Francesco / Cofounder

Born in Pontedera in 1980, Francesco was raised in the town of Ponsacco (province of Pisa), playing in the woods near home and in his grandfather's woodworking shop.

From a young age he begins to fiddle with technology. As an adolescent he buys a universal remote control and uses it to turn the local bar's TV off during big soccer matches.

Upon high school graduation from a technical institute of industrial studies, he becomes a passionate fan of video games and electronic music. He even deejays at local parties for a few years.

He decides to study business engineering at university and finishes his degree without a clue about what he wants to do in life (and he won't find out for a while).

Chance has it that in the year 2005, in the midst of an economic boom, he immediately finds a job at a prestigious consulting company. He puts on a dress shirt and tie for the first time, though to this day his dad ties the knot for him.

Francesco works, works works. He works.

One November weekend he brings his reflex camera along to shoot photos at a live painting event. He notices that what he sees through the shutter is more beautiful than what's seen by the naked eye, but he has yet to discover why (and again, he won't find out for a while). And so begins his first chat with one of the artists, about this odd discovery. The talk will be the first of a long series of conversations that the two will carry on. Thus Francesco and Lorenzo become friends.

In 2009 he joins a volunteer mission in Ethiopia and finds himself walking 10km a day in a rainforest. As soon as he returns to Italy he re-departs for the Way of St. James. During that summer of walking, Francesco is reunited with his love for the open air and nature. And he begins to use whenever possible public means of transportation and a bicycle.

In 2013 Lorenzo tells Francesco about the Nullame idea. Francesco's eyes alight immediately, the project retraces his very own lifestyle and the two decide to make it happen.

The two friends from Ponsacco work way for a full year on the project. They establish a network of local artisans from the area, individuals who have always been the expert keepers of woodworking and leather production.

His motto is: Molto bene, very good.